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A body of water

On filling For exchanging ideas

For taking a physical space to let our thoughts sink in

To sink

To plunge into the unknown

For the mind to wander and to drift through unknown territories (to ebb and flow)

A space for sharing

Water flows through me, over me in me out of me. We are all bodies of water.

We are born through it and made by it

This water runs through you and I

We exchange it in our kisses and our cum and through the breast of our mothers

We soak in it and drink it up and excrete it out

It is within us and around us, through us

It is a space to share stories no matter the body. We are made of water, we aren’t so different, how did our histories become so vast, and spread so wide, like a channel made between two bodies of water

Water cleanses, it washes away our differences, and makes us one, many bodies of water intertwining into a great sea

(A sea is a good place to feel small)

Bronwen Jones

  • Leftover objects, session I 'a body of water' 2019 photograph by Bronwen Jones  
  • During the research session I 'a body of water' 2019 photograph by Elena Braida
  • During the research session II 'a body of water' 2019 photograph by Jinyoung Park
  • While felting the carpet 2019
  • Detail image of the carpet ' a body of water 2019
  • The carpet ' a body of water' in the UNCUT exhibition 2019