Celeste The Encoiled Ones The act of a while loop; a small collection On a search for Anti Pattern's Fifteen Plates ://text.bugpub. Projects;

Directs her focus on; the undoing of patterns and systems.

She challenges pattern-based machines like the loom or the computer to forge instead of to follow by breaking their design patterns and etiquettes. Doing so she hopes to give texture* to the marginalisation of practices in art or the unestablished practice of hacking.

Her practice involves; weaving without patterns, programming without innovation, performing without an audience and writing without a publicist.

She believes that undoing does not happen alone therefore she finds support in a collective; hack-lab }LAG[ and pairs up with a figure called Arthur who mentors her on some of the abstract principles in mathematics.

Other methods she considers as collective undoing include; the conversations during her bartending hours and a organised discussion group; CCRURU where she spends her Friday evenings.


" Textures are quite an unspeakable phenomenon: when I attempt to describe a texture, it is not a texture anymore.

Like poetry emerges through rhythms and form, meaning can lose its ambiguity when disassembled. When one describes a texture one might articulate upon what kinds of substance it contains, upon the tactile, the grain, endless irregularities, fractal universes or a resemblance of time.

Textures can convey a kinship of touching, the rhythm of words or the urgencies for mathematical equations."


    Exhibitions / performances / workshops

  • Gerrit Rietveld Graduation Show Soon - Fifteen Plates TXT Department - The Encoiled Ones 08.26 - 30.2020
  • Rethinking BAUHAUS 24.03.2019 - 8, 9, 10 nov 2019 Research group collaboration with the Stedelijk museum, Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague.
  • Tactile installation in Club Church in collaboration with Lesbique Amsterdam 21.06.2019
  • Stedelijk museum Amsterdam; Rietveld and Studium Generale UNCUT Take a Walk on the Wild Side Fabulating Alternative Imaginaries in Art and Life - TXT department (group exhibition) 20.03.2019 - 24.03.2019
  • Art Space Paleisstraat; Behind the Royal Palace (group exhibition) Amsterdam 15.12.2018 - 18.12.2018
  • Workshop weaving anti-patterns @Hackers and designers summer Academy 24.07.2018
  • Performance hosted by Radio Rietveld and subbacultcha @DeSchool Amsterdam 15.12.2017
  • Estudio Nomada Barcelona, end of residency (group exhibition) 14.12.2014
  • Artist residency and summer school

  • Hackers and designers summer Academy 21.07.2018 - 02.08.2018
  • Artist Residency Estudio Nomada Barcelona 08/2014 - 12/2014
  • Publications

  • Digital Publication Essay; When The Bug Starts Breeding, An unstable introduction to patterns that are erected systems in the realm of making. start 01.10.2020 - (ongoing)
  • Fifteen Plates, LULU TXT 2020 Thesis bundle, featuring with the essay; When The Bug Starts Breeding, An unstable introduction to patterns that are erected systems in the realm of making. published by TXT department; Joke Robaard & Anita Burato 15.06.2020
  • Theory of Translation as the Theory of Knowledge By Vilém Flusser, 1963 - My contribution was an open translation, with the intention to start; a translation chain - initiated and published by Joke Robaard and the Rietveld and Sandberg Library. In collaboration with the Vilém Flusser Archive. July 2020
  • A weave; a system; building anti patterns June 2019
  • How Many Possibilities Are There in a Weaving Pattern? A Collective Outcome by Celeste Perret - Hackers and designers Summer school. Published in Fake it! Fake them! Fake you! Fake us! Publication in 2019
  • Education

  • Gerrit Rietveld Academie, TXT department 2017 - 2020
  • Gerrit Rietveld Academie, basic year [foundation] 2015 - 2017
  • Interactive Media Design, [international course] Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam 2012 - 2015
  • Graphic Design, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam [international course] 2011 - 2012
  • Internship

  • Internship, assistance in creating weaving patterns for TC2 LOOM in the Lafayette Gallery in Paris for @Aliki van der Kruijs 20.06.2019 - 01.09.2019
  • Internship Jr Designer @MOBGEN accenture interactive 06.01.2014 - 01.07.2014