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Celeste Perret

Water planet animation still, cinema 4D 2019

C2412P Water planet

Equatorial Diameter: 15 776 km
Mass: 7 x 1024 KG
Rotation Period: 6h 22,m
Surface Gravity: 10.8 M/S2
Surface Temperature: 7 ºC

Water planet animation interface, cinema 4D 2019

Performance video animation.

My friend the water planet is a happening where a human interacts with a planet (C2412P ) by capturing its messages and through weaving. C2412P 's communicates in binary language, through C2412P question's raised around "who the human is in this?". The human weaves C2412P messages with paper, selecting what is important.

*Footage of the performance will be updated in November 2019.

Paper set-up performance 2019
Paper weave (collected data), left from performance 2019
Animation impression of C2412P 2019

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