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Walking in Circles 2016

On the Repetitive act in weaving

"Where can we find the nuance in weaving?

Let's begin; when does the weaver start weaving?

In order to warp one needs to desire a length and width.

Estimated in yarns for each centimetre and divided in groups by shafts

This is a list of numbers

The order is important to be followed accordingly.

Are we weaving?

I am afraid not yet. Let's go back to the beginning.

Now; we have the list of numbers, the weaver is aware of the surface and can start winding up a loom.

The loom has its parameters, another pair of numbers, the warp knows the loom

The warp stringed through eyes, divided by shafts is;  ready for tension.

Beamed up, the warp is stretched through the loom. Unfortunately the weaver is yarns ahead of the weaving.

Let's start at the beginning; peddle down, shafts open; to pull or to push the weft passing through, the weaver is weaving.

There, in the act of; is a finely developed          sense of becoming. If your wish is to weave, and just to weave when does one know what to weave?

"There, light and shadow come to symbolise more lurking shadows; the dance between the seen and the unseen excites" [3] where the dancer becomes the dance.

- From he passage "the grey area" Celeste Perret 2019

Exercise Solitaire 2020

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